From one city to another

From one city to another (original title : D’une cité à l’autre)
Documentary – 26 minutes

By Christophe Hamon, Anelyse Jacquet and the pupils from Collège Jean Vilar

In November 2017, Collège Jean Vilar gets the agreement from Odyssey Youths for a slightly crazy project : to bring all the Latin class students on a school trip to Rome to make a documentary. The project, carried by Anelyse Jacquet – teacher in classics, is coming to an end after almost 2 years of hard work.

Titled From One City To Another, the documentary, produced by Christophe Hamon (a movie director from Reunion already noticed in the profession for his movie about the Khmer rouge genocide, Welcome to Angkar) exposed the pupils from the old « Cité des 4000 » – district of La Courneuve in France – to the impressive Roman city.

The movie that relates the story of a two-way trip between Antiquity and our era is first meant to be an hymn to beauty, in response to the attacks from which the children’s image suffer greatly every day, faced with the prejudiced eyes of the people they unfortunately met all too often in Rome.

We countered this by offering them another outlook – kindness, that every child should be granted with, because access to the ancient culture can be an open door to learn to grasp the beauty of this world. The pride they felt from their knowledge is one of the keys that allowed them to overcome their difficulties in communication.

From One City To Another also reminds us that the teaching of Latin is not as elitist as one might sometimes say, a language that brings a lot of comfort to the pupils to whom it befalls, pupils lulled by mythology, who are nostalgic for an era that they idealize and that conveys to them numerous dreams of grandeur.

We have never seen so many beautiful smiles among the ancient ruins and Rome still remembers !

The movie will get its premiere before the season of festivals in the movie theater « L’Étoile de la Courneuve » on Tuesday June 26 at 4 p.m.

Length : 26 minutes
Directed by: Christophe Hamon – Over The Moon Productions
Writer: Anelyse Jacquet
With the Latin class students from Collège Jean Vilar (from 7th grade to 9th grade)
And with the financial support of Odyssey Youths

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